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Identifying “Udagayana” with Sun’s course in “Northern Hemisphere”; An evidence from Āpastamba-gṛhya-sūtra

Identifying Udagayana To understand sanskrit words is highly critical when it poise polysemous nature. A wrong conjecture in Astronomical sense can shift the epochs by drastic time gap which requires a speacial attention and gathering of textual evidence as much as possible. Identifying Udagayana-Praśna 1, Section 1; अथ कर्माण्याचाराद्यानि गृह्यन्ते १; 1. Now (follow) the…

Many Śiśirādayaḥ – Winter beginning phrases in Indic texts, now we know how to look at them

We have many texts with śiśirādayaḥ as counting of ṛtus apart from Vasanta also. Basically, they appear in śrauta sūtras, gṛhyasūtras, and Purāṇās. There have been complications in understanding the texts from where the saṃvatsara began, whether winter Solstice or Vernal equinox. Besides, I chaffed out and separated this first as a problem and I…


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